Process control is paramount to meet ceramics thermal processing challenges

Even, thorough heating is essential for removing moisture from ceramics products. In manufacturing applications, controlling the process to prevent breakage due to over-drying at the surface is absolutely critical.

Davron designs and builds ceramics ovens customized to achieve the ideal temperature, airflow and humidity specific to your unique process — whether it’s quite complex or relatively simple. 

Our engineers develop both conveyor and batch equipment that has been used to process:

  • Molded ceramic fiber products with a slurry binder
  • Molded plaster products
  • Extruded ceramic products

We also manufacture equipment used in various post-cure processes for ceramics that are already fully cured. While most ceramics ovens are heated via natural gas-fired burners, Davron also designs electric ovens for ceramics curing or post-curing processes when process requirements make it feasible and advantageous. 

Humidity controls can be included if required, as well as exhaust systems to remove large volumes of moisture in a controlled manner during processing.

Custom means collaborative

As industry continues to find new ways to use ceramics, manufacturers of these products must remain on the cutting edge.

To deliver state-of-the-art custom ceramics ovens, it’s essential that our engineers collaborate with yours to understand your product. Then, we apply our temperature, airflow and humidity expertise to craft the ideal thermal process that results in a perfect product every time — whether it’s an engine catalyst, a ballistics vest or even a decorative pot.

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Definitive guide to specifying a conveyor oven

Learn the key criteria, best uses, heating sources & methods and customizations that combine to inform the conveyor oven specification that’s ideal for your industrial process.

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