DTI-429 Inert Atmosphere Batch Oven


Overall Dimensions 15′-0″ L x 8′-2″ W x 6′-11″ H (4572mm x 2489mm x 2108mm)
Interior Dimensions 10′-0″ L x 5′-0″ W x 5′-0″ H (3048mm x 1524mm x 1524mm)
Insulation Thickness  2″ (51mm) of cerwool, 8″ (203mm) of mineral wool
Heat Source  Single electric heater controlled by SCR
Maximum Operating Temperature  1,250°F (677°C)
Airflow  Horizontal cross flow
Operating Voltage  480-Volt / 3-phase / 60-hertz
Control Programmable controller capable of storing multiple ramp/soak programs.
Fans One (1) circulation fan
Miscellaneous Regulator to control supply gas pressure
  Pressure gauge for monitoring chamber pressure
  Interior of oven is constructed of 304 stainless steel


The DTI-429 inert atmosphere batch oven carbonizes ceramic product. Product is loaded into the industrial oven on the custom product cart provided with the oven.  This inert oven utilizes a two cart system. One cart is used for loading product into the inert atmosphere oven and operates in conjunction with the floor tracks located in the floor of the oven.  The second cart is used for transporting product around the factory floor and to the inert atmosphere oven.




The floor cart is fabricated at the height required to match the tracks within the inert atmosphere oven.  This double cart system allows the ability to utilize an oven cart and maintain a good atmosphere seal at the door.  This oven operates under an inert atmosphere (nitrogen) and a positive pressure of 1.5″ WG.  The oven is provided with a cooling jacket and a cooling fan, utilized to force air through the cooling jacket.  The oven is designed for a maximum capacity of 5,000 pounds of product.

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