DTI-1092 Batch Drying Oven


Exterior Dimensions  14′-8″ L x 11′-6″ W x 8′-8″ H (4470mm x 3505mm x 2642mm)
Interior Dimensions 12′-0″ L x 8′-0″ W x 8′-0″ H (3658mm x 2438mm x 2438mm)
Heat Source Single electric heater
Max Operating temperature  250°F (121°C)
Design Operating temperature  200°F – 250°F (93°C – 121°C)
Insulation Thickness  4″ (102mm)
Operating voltage  480-volt /3-phase /60-hertz
Airflow Horizontal cross flow
Circulation Fans One (1) Circulation Fan
Exhaust Fans One (1) Exhaust Fan


The DTI-1092 batch drying oven dries ceramic modules used in the power generation industry.  The drying oven includes two (2) custom product pallets.  These pallets are used for loading and unloading and directs airflow through the module.  The product sits on the pallet throughout the drying process.  Each module weighs approximately 3,330 pounds. During the drying cycle approximately 700 pounds of water is removed from the product.  The operating temperature of the oven is 257 degrees F.  The circulation fan and exhaust fan utilize VFD’s to vary the volume of both circulated air and exhaust during the cycle.  The system is controlled via PLC with Ethernet capabilities and touchscreen.




This batch drying oven is constructed with a structural steel frame that supports the entire oven.  The oven utilizes one (1) set of vertically hinged, full opening, doors located on the entrance end of the drying oven.  The drying oven interior is constructed of aluminized steel and the exterior is painted carbon steel.  The heat source of the drying oven is a single, full modulating, natural gas burner.

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