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As aerospace manufacturers find more and more applications for honeycomb-type composite materials, they inevitably wrestle with which thermal processing method is best. We’ll talk more about each a little later on, but generally speaking, you can make honeycomb composite blocks in one of two ways. Co-curing aerospace composites involves the simultaneous stabilization, resin impregnation and […]

How to maximize foam manufacturing equipment ROI

Learn the compelling benefits of integrating whole-line foam manufacturing equipment and read two case studies demonstrating how innovation in engineering optimized customers' foam production processes.
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Industry and government each place much responsibility on the shoulders of aerospace composite manufacturers. And rightly so: Some of these components are safety-critical. The well-being of anyone in flight depends on these parts performing as designed. As such, the parts’ manufacturing processes must also meet rigorous benchmarks. And when equipment and processes are validated, the […]

The automotive industry has always forged ahead rapidly. But now, with a push for electrification of the greater economy and enthusiasm growing for self-driving vehicles, the industry is innovating in even more directions than ever. Since lightweighting has shifted from shiny new trend to mature manufacturing strategy, automotive acoustics manufacturers today juggle two competing concerns: […]

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