DTI-394 Curing Oven and Oxidizer



Overall Dimensions 8′-0″ W x 8′-6″ H x 21′-0″ D (2438mm x 2591mm x 6401mm)
Interior Dimensions 5′-0″ W x 7′-6″ H x 11′-0″ D (1524mm x 2286mm x 3353mm)
Insulation Thickness  6″ (152mm)
Heat Source Single full modulating propane gas burner package
Maximum Operating Temperature  500°F (260°C)
Operating Temperature Range  300°F – 475°F (149°C – 246°C)
Fans One (1) circulation fan, One (1) exhaust fan
Airflow  Horizontal cross flow
Operating voltage  480-volts / 3-phase / 60-hertz
Control  PLC with Operator Touch Screen for all functions
Miscellaneous Interior and all air stream components constructed of stainless steel
  Exterior constructed of carbon steel and painted with high temperature paint


Dimensions 7′ diameter x 16 ft long
Maximum operating temperature  1,500 ° F
Design operating temperature  1,400 ° F with a 1 second retention time
Heat source  single full modulating propane gas burner package
Control PLC with Operator Touch Screen for all functions
Components Operating voltage  480-volts / 3-phase / 60-hertz
Misc Designed to burn off 34 liters of Isoproponal per batch
  System design to process alcohol concentration through the use of Make Up Air, Purge Air Fan, and Safety Interlocks with Burner


The DTI-394 curing oven and oxidizer cures large honeycomb block product used in the aerospace industry. This industrial oven includes a custom cart and track system for loading and unloading product. This cart system utilizes a series of blank off panels to force all circulated air to pass through the product block. The cart and oven/oxidizer system is designed for a maximum product weight of 1,500 pounds. The airflow in the chamber is approximately 16 feet per second, guaranteeing a uniform flow of air through the product block.




The oven and oxidizer are designed to burn off approximately 34 liters of Isopropanol per batch.  The majority of the Isopropanol is destroyed in the first ten (10) minutes of the cycle. The control system allows for adjustment in the heat up rate, airflow, and exhaust to work in conjunction with the amount of solvent present during any given time of the cycle. The system has a back flow prevention device between the afterburner and oven to eliminate the possibility of flames backing up into solvent laden chamber. The oven utilizes a heat exchanger to provide an indirect fired system. This is required because of the solvents present in the process.

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