Industrial Foam Ovens

Davron Technologies is a leading manufacturer of industrial foam ovens and process equipment used in the foam industry.

Our equipment is used to thermally process base materials including crosslinking, expanding or foaming, curing, cooling, preheating, as well as many conversion processes completed after manufacturing. Some of our equipment for foam are for batch processes while others are continuous web type and cut blank processes.

In general different types of foam are used in a wide array of products. A variety of materials can be used to manufacture foam. Some materials and types of foam include Polyurethane, Polyolefin, Copolymers, Fluoropolymers, and Elastomer as well as many others. Polyethylene based foams can include a number of formulations that are generally extruded and include a gassing agent used for expanding or foaming to produce the bubbles trapped within the extruded web. The material is crosslinked and expands the extruded crosslinked material to create foam from the original dense extrusion. Other types of foam production include bun or block manufacturing to form individual pieces as compared to a continuous web of material.

Whether you have a manufacturing application that requires a continuous web or a batch process approach, Davron can provide a unique manufacturing solution, including conversion equipment, to meet your particular requirements. Conversion equipment can include cooling rolls, cooling baths, material compression rolls, slitting and crosscut machines, as well as winders to create rolls from web product lines.

If your requirements are not actually to manufacture foam but you are a foam fabricator please contact us to discuss your processing requirements. In addition to equipment used to manufacture foam, we also build a variety of specialized systems to preheat materials prior to forming operations as well as specialized curing systems used during manufacturing.

Our equipment is uniquely designed to meet the specific process requirements of your industry to provide a solution for your manufacturing challenges. Contact Davron to discuss your application and review a sample of Industrial Foam Ovens we have completed.

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Davron exists to be the industry leader in non-standard products engineered to meet the customer's need and unique process.


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