DTI-223 Drying Conveyor Oven


Chamber External Dimensions 99′-0″ L x 7′-2″ W x 6′-10″ H (30175mm x 2184mm x 2083mm)
Conveyor Usable Size 98′-4″ L x 3′-2″ W x 0′-6″ H (29972mm x 965mm x 152mm)
Insulation Thickness 4″ (102mm)
Oven Conveyor Extensions 7′-0″ (2134mm) Entrance End, 10′-0″ (3048mm) Exit End
Conveyor Type Polypropylene Mesh Belt
Conveyor Control PLC controlled for speed with Automatic Tracking System
Heat Source Three modulating natural gas burners
Design Operating Temperature 180°F – 400°F (82°C – 204°C)
Maximum Operating Temperature 400°F (204°C)
Operating Voltage 480-volt / 3-phase / 60-hertz
Control PLC control for all function with Touchscreen (HMI)



The DTI-223 continuous conveyor oven dries ceramic slurry as part of a lost foam casting process. A foam blank is saturated with a ceramic slurry mixture and is placed on a conveyor belt for drying. Saturated parts travel the length of the drying oven to remove moisture, creating a solid uncured part. The part is then fired in another process to cure the ceramic, and at the same time burn away the original foam blank. This process creates openings in the ceramic part used to filter material in aluminum manufacturing.



This drying oven includes three independently controlled heated zones. An exhaust system is designed to remove the moisture laden air from the chamber as part of the drying process, removing approximately 1,100 pounds of water from the product per hour during production. Control equipment features variable frequency drives on all fans to provide the ability for process variations. The conveyor utilizes a fine mesh polypropylene belt  to minimize imprint on the parts, and is automatically tracked for alignment.


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