DTI-1078 Calcining Batch Oven


Exterior Dimensions  7′-8″ W x 9′-7″ H x 9′-8″ D (2337mm x 2921mm x 2946mm)
Interior Dimensions 4′-0″ W x 6′-0″ H x 8′-0″ D (1219mm x 1829mm x 2438mm)
Heat Source Single Electric Heater controlled by SCR
Max Operating Temp 1,292°F (700°C)
Design Operating Temp 700°F – 1,200°F (371°C – 649°C)
Insulation Thickness  4″ (102mm) of cerwool, 8″ (203mm) of mineral wool 
Control Programmable digital controller capable of multiple programs
Operating Voltage  480-volt /3-phase /60-hertz
Airflow Horizontal cross flow
Circulation Fans One (1) circulation fan
Exhaust Fans One (1) exhaust fan


The DTI-1078 batch oven dries ceramic material in a honeycomb catalyst product.  Product, which can be either small blocks or trays of powder, are loaded onto a product cart.  The product cart contains multiple shelves which hold the product.  The cart is loaded into the Calcining Batch Oven via recessed tracks located in the floor of the oven.  The calcining process takes approximately ten (10) hours.  The cycle has several profiles that are controlled by a programmable digital controller.  During the cycle the oven is exhausting approximately 800 pounds of water.  The maximum operating temperature of the Calcining Batch Oven is 1,292 degrees F.




This calcining batch oven is constructed with structural steel framework that supports the entire oven.  The oven interior is constructed of stainless steel and the exterior is carbon steel painted with high temperature paint.  The oven interior and exterior is separated by 12 inches of insulation.  The heat source of the oven is a single electric heater controlled by SCR.  The oven utilizes vertically hinged doors located on both ends of the oven.  The airflow within the oven is a horizontal cross flow.

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