Once you’ve decided that a conveyor oven is the best fit for your industrial oven needs, the next step is to document your project requirements for potential vendors.

To do so, it helps to have a sense of the options available for custom industrial conveyor ovens, as well as the sorts of questions vendors will ask you. As with any custom project, it’s a complicated process that requires careful planning.

Our e-book, “The Definitive Guide to Specifying a Conveyor Oven,” walks you through this process and will help ensure you get a custom industrial oven that doesn’t just fit your needs, but is built for them.

In this definitive guide to conveyor ovens, you will learn about:

  • Key criteria for specifying an industrial conveyor oven.

  • Recommended uses for continuous vs. indexing conveyor ovens.

  • Heating sources available for conveyor oven applications.

  • Conveyor oven options for processing specialized materials or products.

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