DTI-397 Curing Batch Oven


Exterior Dimensions  17′-0″ L x 7′-0″ W x 7′-0″ H (5182mm x 2134mm x 2134mm)
Interior Dimensions 12′-0″ L x 4′-0″ W x 4′-0″ H (3658mm x 1219mm x 1219mm)
Heat Source Single full modulating natural gas burner package
Max Operating Temperature  1,400°F (760°C)
Design Operating Temperature  900°F – 1,200°F (482°C – 649°C)
Insulation Thickness  4″ (102mm) of cerwool, 8″ (203mm) of mineral wool
Chart Recorder Single channel paperless
Operating Voltage  480-volt /3-phase /60-hertz
Airflow Horizontal cross flow


The DTI-397 batch oven cures ceramic board product. This curing oven utilizes a hydraulically operated vertical door to provide a proper seal for the oven chamber, and conserve floor space by eliminating a horizontal door swing.  Floor tracks in the batch oven are designed to work in conjunction with a custom product cart for loading and unloading 6,000 lbs. of product. This batch oven is designed to sit in a concrete pit to allow the oven floor to be on the same elevation as the plant floor.




This batch oven is constructed with a structural steel framework that supports the entire oven. The batch oven interior is 310 stainless steel, and the exterior is carbon steel painted with high temperature paint. Chamber airflow is horizontal, with heated air being supplied to the product from both side walls. The heated air is returned back to the circulation fan through the ceiling of the batch oven.

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