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World-Class Custom Vertical Ovens Made in America

With over 100 years of combined experience, Davron designs and manufacturer’s vertical ovens in whatever combination the application requires with regards to width, length, and height. The main purpose of a vertical oven arrangement is to provide thermal processing while occupying a minimal amount of manufacturing floor space.

Our vertical ovens provide a long product dwell time in the heated chamber in a small footprint. Vertical ovens can be designed for multiple passes or a single pass, and can be loaded and unloaded on the same side or opposite sides of the oven.

Typically, products that lend themselves to this type of oven are small to medium in size. Larger products are harder to convey and the space savings are nullified due to the layout of the conveying system. Our vertical ovens feature structural steel frames internal to the insulated walls of the oven. This construction method provides an oven of undisputed quality that is energy efficient and extremely robust.


Features can be customized depending on your needs. Our vertical ovens can be heated by various means including: gas burner systems, electric heaters, radiant panels, or infrared systems. The conveyor system in a vertical oven will typically operate in an indexing configuration.

The control system initiates the conveyor system to move a group or groups of product a predetermined specified distance. When the motion stops, the product remains in that position for a predetermined amount of time until the next indexed motion.

The conveying system will typically utilize custom product trays specifically designed for the product being processed. In most cases, our vertical ovens utilize automated loading/unloading systems that are part of the oven. These ovens can also be engineered to work with existing automated loading/unloading systems currently in place at a customer’s facility. Our vertical ovens can include a cooling zone if required by the process. The cooling zone can utilize ambient air or refrigerant as the cooling medium.

Build of Materials

Each vertical oven manufactured by Davron can include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Welded structural steel framework for overall support
  • Heavy gauge aluminized or stainless steel interior sheeting and air distribution systems
  • Heavy gauge paint grip exterior sheeting primed and painted with high temperature oven class paint
  • Our construction technique provides a finished product that can be handled as a single piece or in bolt together modules on large systems for ease of installation.  Our ovens are not constructed using “tongue and groove” panels
  • Hinged access doors are provided for maintenance and cleaning access along the length of the equipment.
  • Pneumatic take-up to compensate for conveyor thermal expansion during operation
  • A combination of accurate temperature control, temperature uniformity within the heated chamber, and conveyor speed provide the high level of control required for a successful thermal process
  • Simple digital controls for basic operation or PLC controls for complex requirements. Systems can also communicate with plant networks if required
  • Electrical enclosure is assembled in accordance with UL508A guidelines and has a UL508A label.
  • All ovens meet NFPA, OSHA, and NEC requirements
  • CE certification is available if required
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