DTI-224 HFM IR Tower Curing System


Overall Dimensions 5′-3″ L x 15′-6″ W x 20′-10″ H (1600mm x 4724mm x 6960mm)
Interior Dimensions 4′-9″ L x 15′-0″ W x 20′-4″ H (1448mm x 4572mm x 6198mm)
Insulation Thickness  4″ (102mm)
Heat Source  Electric infrared controlled by SCR
Max Operating Temperature  600°F (316°C)
Design Operating Temperature  550°F (288°C)
Operating Voltage  480-volt / 3-phase / 60-hertz
Control  PLC with Operator Touch Screen for all functions


The DTI-224 vertical oven cures automotive brake pads. This industrial oven’s heat source is six (6) individual zones of radiant heat. Each zone utilizes 17 tubular type heating elements with aluminum reflector plates. This ensures that each part is receiving the correct amount of energy from the heaters. This vertical oven is supplied with both loading and unloading conveyors and an automated system used to load and unload product from the oven tooling.

Parts are loaded into the vertical oven in groups of 14. The parts index in a vertical orientation up the front side of the oven and are cured. Parts then index down the back side of the oven and are cooled. There are 156 gondolas/trays in the oven, and the oven indexes every 56 seconds. Upon cooling cycle completion, parts are unloaded via the automated system and placed on a takeaway conveyor to move to the finishing process.

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