DTI-981 Vertical Oven Curing System


Overall Dimensions 15′-6″ L x 8′-0″ W x 18′-10″ H (4724mm x 2438mm x 5740mm)
Interior Dimensions 7′-4″ L x 7′-3″ W x 8′-6″ H (2235mm x 2210mm x 2591mm)
Insulation Thickness  Single electric heater controlled by SCR
Heat Source  4″ (102mm)
Maximum Operating Temp 400°F (204°C)
Design Operating Temp  356°F (180°C)
Airflow horizontal cross flow
Fans One (1) cooling fan, One (1) cooling exhaust fan
Operating Voltage  480-volt / 3-phase / 60-hertz
Control  PLC with Operator Touch Screen for all functions


The DTI-981 vertical oven cures friction reducing coating on steel components used in the automotive industry. The coating is screen printed robotically on each side of the part prior to entering the cure oven. Materials are loaded and unloaded simultaneously in groups of four (4) by a pick and place system provided with the vertical oven.

Parts index in a vertical orientation through the chamber and then travel in a horizontal orientation through a cooling zone. The cooling zone utilizes ambient air. The parts are unloaded after exiting the cooling section, then placed on a takeaway conveyor adjacent to the parts supply conveyor.

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