DTI-9280 Vertical Sintering Oven


Overall Dimensions 3′-0″ L x 1′-10″ W x 15′-0″ H (914mm x 559mm x 4572mm)
Interior Dimensions 1′-6″ L x 0′-4″ W x 15′-0″ H (457mm x 102mm x 4572mm)
Insulation Thickness  Radiant heating panels controlled by SCR
Heat Source  8″ (203mm)
Max Operating Temperature  850°F (454°C)
Design Operating Temperature  175°F – 850°F (79°C – 454°C)
Operating Voltage  480-volt / 3-phase / 60-hertz
Control  Indicating digital temperature set point controllers
Access Doors One (1) access door with viewing port
Miscellaneous VFD to control through put of cloth product


The DTI-9280 vertical oven sinters PTFE on a glass cloth. This industrial oven includes a material handling system consisting of a payoff roller, coating bath, gravity roller, and take up roller. Cloth is placed on the payoff roller and is fed through the oven roller system. Product passes through the coating batch (constructed of polished stainless steel) and the coating (coating consist of water, soap, and PTFE) is applied to the cloth.  The product is then pulled through the oven chamber.




The oven consists of three (3) individual zones of heat. The heat is provided by IR panels and is controlled by SCR. Zone 1 has a temperature range of 175°F-250°F (79°C-121°C). As the product travels through zone 1, all water is removed from the coating and cloth. Zone 2 has a temperature range of 500°F-600°F (260°C-316°C). As the product travels through zone 2, the soap is removed from the coating and cloth. Zone 3 has a temperature range of 700°F-850°F (371°C-454°C). As the product travels through zone 3, the PTFE is sintered to the cloth.  Heaters are located on both side walls of the oven chamber applying heat to both sides of the cloth.  When the product exits the oven chamber, it is rolled up on a take off spool.

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