DTI-1028 Vertical Curing Oven


Overall dimensions 4′-6″ W x 21′-0″ H x 26′-6″ D (1372mm x 6401mm x 8077mm)
Insulation Thickness 6″ (152mm)
Heat Source Single full modulating natural gas burner package
Maximum Operating Temp 500°F (260°C)
Design Operating Temp 485°F (252°C)
Airflow Horizontal cross flow
Circulation Fans One (1) circulation fan, One (1) cooling supply fan
Exhaust Fans One (1) exhaust fan, One (1) cooling exhaust fan
Operating Voltage 480-volt / 3-phase / 60-hertz
Control Digital indicating temperature and over temperature


The DTI-1028 vertical curing oven is used to cure carbon filters. The filters are loaded into custom fixtures and enter the heated chamber. The fixtures are indexed through the heated chamber in a vertical up and down orientation. The heated chamber includes 120 positions for heating. After the curing cycle is complete the fixtures exit the heated chamber and travel through the cooling section in a horizontal configuration. The cooling section utilizes ambient air for cooling and also includes 120 positions. After cooling the fixtures exit the cooling section and are unloaded.




This vertical curing oven is constructed with structural steel framework that supports the entire oven.  The oven utilizes two (2) sets of access doors located on both the front and back of the oven.  The vertical oven interior is constructed of aluminized steel and the exterior is carbon steel  painted with high temperature paint.  The oven heat source is a single natural gas fired system.

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