DTI-1182 Vertical Drying Oven


Overall Dimensions 21′-7″ L x 7′-2″ W x 45′-2″ H (6579mm x 2184mm x 13767mm)
Insulation Thickness 6″ (152mm)
Heat Source Modulating Natural Gas Burner
Maximum Temperature 392°F (200°C)
Design Operating Temperature 284°F – 392°F (140°C – 200°C)
Airflow  horizontal cross flow
Fans one (1) circulation fan, one (1) exhaust fan
Operating Voltage 480-volt / 3-phase / 60-hertz
Control PLC with Operator Touch Screen (HMI) for all functions


The DTI-1182 vertical drying oven is used to heat a product web and remove moisture (solvents) from the product by heated evaporation. The system includes 2 LEL monitors with multiple alarm functions and display screen. The system is designed to accommodate a web up to 40″ wide. The oven chamber is designed to allow the product to make 3 vertical passes (up and down). The oven includes 3 applicator tanks located under the heated chamber. These tanks contain the solvents and the web passes through the tanks to apply the solvents to the web. Each applicator tank includes a pneumatic system to raise the tank to the “in use” position or lower the tank when not in use or being cleaned. A wiper bar is included above each tank (prior to the oven chamber) to allow the thickness of the coating to be adjusted. The oven includes a power edge trim rotary knife that trims both edges of the web as it exits the oven chamber. A system is provided prior to the take up roll that applies a small amount of powder to the web. This prevents the layers of the web from sticking together after is rolled up on the take up roll.


  • Airflow is configured so that heated air is impinged to the product web face and between the vertical passes within the heated chamber.
  • Oven includes a system of platforms, safety ladders and handrail.
  • Oven includes 8 access doors providing access to the chamber.
  • Oven includes a standalone chiller system for cooling the cooling roll

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