DTI-1410 Vertical Indexing Conveyor Oven

DTI-1410 Vertical Indexing Conveyor Oven


Product Being Processed

Automotive mirrors

Overall Length, Width, Height

19′-3″ L x 11′-4″ W x 20′-5″ H (5867mm x 3454mm x 6223mm)

Heated Chamber Length, Width, Height

10′-9″ L x 6′-2″ W x 10′-8″ H (3277mm x 1880mm x 3251mm)

Type of Heating System

Electric duct heater

Design Operating Temperature

302°F – 392°F (150°C – 200°C)

Maximum Operating Temperature

392°F (200°C)

Product Support

Swinging trays that allow the product to remain upright while traveling vertically up and down through the machine.


PLC controls with operator HMI, UL listed control enclosure.


DTI-1410 was designed to replace a spiral belt oven by fitting in the existing foot print but still provide the desired heating time. The machine was designed to disassemble in pieces allowing the machine to be navigated through the building and assembled in place. Our machine provided a single load/unload position on the entrance end of oven to interact with the customer’s automation. The old process utilized many individual trays that had to be handled and re-circulated necessitating additional conveyors to return them to the entrance end of the oven. Davron’s design incorporated the trays into the machine itself to eliminate the need for additional conveyors to recirculate trays outside the oven.


Product is conveyed through the heating and cooling sections on swinging trays connected to oversize roller conveyor chain and large sprockets. Pneumatic grippers steady the trays in the load/unload position to ensure the tray is steady and in position while the automation loads and unloads the parts. Heating is accomplished with forced heated air convection followed by a cooling section with ambient air being forced across the parts. A pneumatic take up automatically maintains tension as the chain grows in length due to thermal expansion. The control system includes PLC control of the oven temperature, fan speeds (oven, cooling, and exhaust), and an adjustable index timer, all of which can be used to change the amount of heating and cooling time of the parts.


Davron Technologies, Inc. designs and manufactures custom industrial ovens of this type to meet many unique process requirements, including but not limited to, the following:

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