Too many manufacturers struggle with inaccurate quotes generated in a hurry and based on insufficient information. Others pay the high cost of third-party engineering with little to show for the expense.

At Davron, we believe in detail, precision and value. That’s why we offer industrial oven pre-engineering that adds certainty to quotes, eliminates third-party engineering costs and boosts customer confidence in the planning process.

Get a detailed, accurate quote with our simple, three-phase process.

Phase 1 – Information exchange

This introductory stage is all about fact-finding. Our engineers will review your concept to identify what more they need to know to provide the most accurate quote.

Then, they’ll ask critical questions such as:

  • How many workpieces do you need to process?
  • How big are the workpieces?
  • What are the workpieces made of?
  • What is the desired thermal outcome of your process?
  • What are your process rate requirements?

Phase 2 – Drawings & notes

The information we gather in the first phase is essential to our work in the second. The elementary drawings and notes we produce in this phase outline important aspects of your equipment, including:

  • How the equipment works
  • Its footprint in relation to its surroundings
  • Its interaction with upstream and downstream processes
  • The estimated budget cost to manufacture
  • The control system concept of operation and utility service requirements

Once we provide the drawings and notes listed above, we’ll work together to define a scope of work that will deliver the equipment you need.

Phase 3 – Pricing

The defined scope of work generated in the second phase is the basis for the proposal we provide in the third.

No envelope math, no wild guesses. The quote you receive will be extremely accurate owing to the detailed information exchange that occurred during the first phase as well as the conclusions reached in the second.

Additional engineering assistance

In some unique circumstances, additional engineering is required to ensure that an industrial oven can be properly integrated into a facility.

When necessary, Davron engineers will provide engineering assistance for any facility or adjacent process modifications that must be made to ensure successful integration of our equipment.

What’s next?

It’s simple. If you decide to move forward with us, we’ll begin building your equipment. That’s when we’ll provide fully detailed system drawings for approval, a complete parts list, a wiring diagram and other key documentation.

Importantly, for any customer who buys equipment after purchasing our pre-engineering service, we’ll discount the cost of pre-engineering from the sticker price.

Interested in pre-engineering?

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