DTI-1434 Triple Conveyor Oven


Product Being Processed Elastomeric Foam Rubber
Overall Dimensions 65’-0″ L x 9’-0″ W  x 15’-0″ H (19812mm x 2743mm x 4572mm)
Heated Chamber Dimensions 17′-4″ L x 5′-8″ W x 9′-0″ H (5283mm x 1727mm x 2743mm)
Type of Heating System Natural Gas
Design Operating Temperature 280°F
Maximum Operating Temperature 400°F
Product Support Teflon mesh conveyor belt
Controls PLC control with operator HMI, UL listed control enclosure



Our customer needed to replace an aging and inefficient oven that was part of a larger system. Since installation would be between existing equipment, the total length of the oven was restricted. In order to meet the required heated length, the oven’ conveyor system was designed in a triple layer, cascading arrangement, where the product travels from an upper conveyor then loops 180 degrees down to two other conveyors. This gave the client the length they needed for their process and fit in the space that was available.


The crosslinking oven is fed by up to three individual extruders, arranged in a fan shape. At the entrance of the first conveyor, adjustable stainless turning bars, direct the extrusions onto the conveyor belt and set the product spacing. The conveyor belt is supported by stainless bars, making the conveyor system virtually maintenance-free by eliminating the need and heavy maintenance requirements of a vast number of bearings. At each end of the oven the product transfers to the next conveyor in a fully contained and insulated vestibule. These vestibules house belt trackers, belt sensors, product wrap sensors, as well as the conveyor drive motors and all accompanying componentry.

The oven consists of three identical heated zones, featuring internal lighting, (6) access doors per zone, as well as viewing windows for each conveyor level and easily accessed plenum damper controls. Plenums mounted above the conveyor belt deliver top-down air flow through adjustable slotted openings. In each zone the plenums impinge air on the product through close proximity to each conveyor then circulate through free return back to the internally mounted burner and circulation fan. One exhaust fan serves all three zones through common ducting and damper control.

A remote-mounted HMI gives operators control and visibility of system performance and function right where they need it.


Davron Technologies, Inc. designs and manufactures ovens of this type to meet many unique process requirements, including but not limited to, the following:

  • Airflow: Bottom Up, Cross-flow horizontal
  • Industries Served: Baked goods, Aerospace, Automotive, Textiles, General Manufacturing
  • Materials Processed: carpet/textiles, non-wovens, extrusions, plastics, metals
  • Other Processes: pre-heat, curing, drying, baking, annealing,
  • Heating Systems: Electric
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