DTI-1397 Foam Processing Equipment 

DTI-1397 Industrial Foam Processing Equipment


Product Being Processed

Polyethylene Foam

Overall Length, Width, Height

42′-0″ L x 16′-9″ W x 16′-3″ H (12802mm x 5105mm x 4953mm)

Heated Chamber Length, Width, Height


Type of Heating System


Design Operating Temperature


Maximum Operating Temperature


Product Support

Roller/Bed Conveyors


PLC controls with operator HMI, UL listed control enclosure


After the expanding process of polyethylene foam, the material needs further processing to convert it to a finished product. The expanded web of foam needs to be edge trimmed, center slit, and then wound to produce finished rolls of foam to suit different end product requirements. As an added challenge, this line needs the flexibility to run many different weights, densities and widths of foam, with minimal modification to equipment to accommodate these changes. The equipment needs to be open and accessible to accommodate frequent web threading, yet provide safety and control for users. 


In accomplishing the given requirements, Davron designed and created a line of equipment to operate downstream of our expanding oven to convert the raw expanded foam web into a finished product. This line is capable of processing up to a 96” wide web from 7ft/min. to 40ft/min.

The line features a guiding machine for accurate web positioning that also incorporates a pre-trim width measurement. A slitting machine features adjustable edge trimming, with digital readouts for positioning, accommodating approximately 36”-96” wide webs, the ability to slit up to 10 strands down to a 2” wide width, and an incorporated edge trim removal system. Full width gates offer open access to the machine from both entry and exit.

A pneumatic accumulator works in conjunction with a cross cutting machine and winder, to remove slack during roll changes. The belt-driven, motorized, cross cut machine measures total roll length, communicates with the winder, and cuts each roll to the set length. The machine then auto feeds the leading edge of the next roll to the winder shaft for fastening by the operator. This machine also measures final trimmed width.

The winder features dual turret mounted cantilevered expanding core shafts. These shafts can accommodate up to an 88” wide roll, 72” in diameter. Once complete, the wound roll is rotated overhead to an unload position featuring a stretch wrap applicator and giving the operator full 360-degree diameter access to bag the roll and remove it from the core shaft. As the completed roll is transferred to the unload position, a fresh core is rotated in place to begin winding. A hydraulic cart is available to assist in off-loading heavy rolls.     


Davron Technologies, Inc. designs and manufactures custom industrial ovens of this type to meet many unique process requirements, including but not limited to, the following:

  • Airflow: NA
  • Industries Served: Industrial foam, Automotive, recreation/Sports Equipment, general industrial
  • Materials Processed: Polyethylene foam, expanded foam, plastic sheeting, film, carpet, textiles
  • Other Processes: Any number of flexible web products (see Materials Processed)
  • Heating Systems: Gas, electric, hot oil
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