DTI-1217 Foam Processing Conversion Equipment


Product Being Processed

Crosslinked, closed-cell Polyethylene and synthetic rubber foam products

Length, Width and Height

53’-3” L x 14’-5” W x 9’-3” H (16231mm x 4394mm x 2819mm)

Conveyor Width

6′-6″ (1981mm)


PLC control with operator HMI, UL-listed control enclosure



The customer requested that we provide individual pieces of equipment to complete conversion processes downstream of the expanding oven used for crosslinked foam manufacturing. A pinch roll stand feeds the material web into the start of the conversion equipment. The individual machines include alignment/width measurement, heated pattern embossing, web accumulation, crosscut/rip-cut, and roll stand. Edge cut scrap winders are also included. All equipment has to integrate together to operate in coordination with the manufacturing line speed.


The DTI-1217 Foam Conversion Equipment operates to complete processes required by manufacturing after the foam expansion oven process. The conversion equipment is a series of machines with each machine completing a required individual process to conclude with a finished roll of foam.

The first machine serves as an alignment system to center the continuous web for the remaining processes and includes a width verification pass-through system.

The next machine heats one surface of the web with infrared heaters prior to passing it through a set of pinch rolls. One of the pinch rolls has a smooth surface and the other includes a pattern surface. As the heated web passes between the pinch rolls, the pattern roll imprints the pattern into the hot-surface side of the foam web. The process is then completed for the opposite side of the web if required. This system allows both sides, either side, or neither side to be pattern embossed depending on the production requirement.

The next machine is used to accumulate web length during roll changeover. The accumulation machine allows web production to continue during roll end and the start of a new roll.

The next machine provides rip-cut capability along the length of the web. This machine is capable of only trimming the edges to provide a finished web width or cutting the web into multiple strips. The system also includes a crosscut function to cut the web across the width at the end of a roll. The leading edge is then used to start the next new roll on the winder.

The winder is the final piece of equipment and is used to wind the web into finished roll goods. The winder is designed to operate on a speed curve to reduce rotational speed as the roll diameter increases. The winder also maintains proper web tension during the winding operation. The turret design allows the finished roll to rotate to the end of the line, allowing the new roll to be started quickly during production. The previous finished roll is then removed from the system.

The individual machines comprising the overall conversion system are controlled by PLC. All machine functions are controlled from multiple operator HMIs (touch screens) at various locations. The control system is unique in that all functions are coordinated and simultaneous, making speed control of the movement of the web through the process extremely critical. The PLC system provided includes the capability for proper speed control of all equipment included in the system.

The entire system is fully assembled and factory tested for operational verification prior to shipment.


In general, foam conversion processes can include a wide range of requirements depending on the finished product requirements. These variations require specialized equipment to provide proper operation for flexibility during the conversion processes. Davron Technologies, Inc. designs and manufactures conversion equipment of this type to meet many unique process requirements, including but not limited to, the following:

  • Industries Served: Aerospace, Aviation, Automotive, and general web-manufactured products.

  • Materials Processed: Various web products including Polyolefin, Polyethylene, Copolymers, Fluoropolymers and Elastomer-based products requiring conversion downstream of thermal processes. The system can also be used for many other products that require conversion during manufacturing and can be designed in a wide range of sizes.

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