DTI – 1286 Wash Tank System


Product Being Processed Closed Cell Foam Products
Overall Length, Width and Height 20’-0″ L x 8’-0″ W  x 7’-0″ H (6100mm x 2440mm x 2130mm)
Web Width 5′-0″ (1520mm)
Wash Tank Purpose Cool and rinse the web material with water spray and surface contact with water level.
Process Water Auxiliary water tank with heat exchanger, process chiller, pump and piping system for water circulation
Additional Components Air knives and exit conveyor
Construction All stainless steel tank and support structure with polycarbonate enclosure panels
Controls PLC control with operator HMI, UL listed control enclosure



The intent of the wash tank is to rinse and cool the material during production. The material web is conveyed to the wash tank where one side contacts the water in the tank at surface level. Rolls across the web width are utilized to submerge the web in the water contained in the tank. The web is then conveyed out of the water and sprayed with chilled water spray nozzles on both surfaces for final rinse.


The Wash Tank System is a water tank with a circulation system including a pump and process piping to an auxiliary water tank adjacent to the wash tank. The auxiliary tank includes a heat exchanger with flow through one side of the heat exchanger connected to a process chiller. The process chiller and heat exchanger are used to maintain the wash tank temperature during process. The wash tank is supported on a structural steel framework and is enclosed on all sides. The entire support structure and actual tank include all stainless steel construction. The tank enclosure includes hinged access doors and is manufactured with stainless steel framework and polycarbonate sheeting to allow the process to be viewed during operation. Rolls within the tank are used to submerge the web during travel through the tank. The web transitions from the wash tank water to an exit conveyor to convey the material to the next process. Spray nozzles are used to rinse the web on both sides prior to exiting the wash tank system. A crossover platform and handrail is used to provide personnel a means to cross the line during production.

The wash tank system is part of a series of multiple machines included in this production line. The entire production line, including the wash tank, is controlled by the overall PLC system we provided for the production line. All machine functions are controlled from multiple operator HMI’s (touch screens) at various locations along the line. Any machine included in the production line can be viewed and controlled from any HMI location.


If your project requires similar equipment but with different operational parameters please contact us. Davron Technologies, Inc. designs and manufactures equipment similar to this type to meet many unique process requirements, including but not limited to, the following:

  • Industries Served: Foam Products of all types requiring water cooling or washing during manufacturing. Any continuous web product type or roll goods that requires cooling, washing, rinsing, or quenching during the manufacturing process.
  • Materials Processed: Various web foam products, materials that are heat processed and require cooling or quenching during process.
  • Alternate Designs: Sized as required in regards to tank length and width. Water tank type systems can also be used with other solutions required for manufacturing processes. Tank liquid can be heated or cooled depending upon the requirements of the process.
  • Other Processes: Water cooling, quench operations, coating operations, product heating, application of various solutions to products.

Please contact us to discuss your project and process requirements in detail. In many cases we can help you create a solution for your manufacturing process.

Davron exists to be the industry leader in non-standard products engineered to meet the customer's need and unique process.


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