DTI-7942 Tunnel Preheat Oven


Chamber External Dimensions 28′-0″ L – 1′-10″ W x 3′-0″ H (8534mm x 559mm x 914mm)
Conveyor Usable Size 27′-8″ L x 1′-1″ W x 0′-6″ H (8433mm x 330mm x 152mm)
Insulation Thickness 2″ (51mm)
Oven Conveyor Extensions N/A
Conveyor Type Existing
Conveyor Control N/A
Heat Source SCR controlled electric heater
Design Operating Temperature 100°F – 150°F (34°C – 66°C)
Max Operating Temperature 200°F (93°C)
Operating Voltage 480-volt / 3-phase / 60-hertz
Controls Closed Loop Digital Temperature Controller


The DTI-7942 conveyor oven is used in the automotive industry to preheat molds prior to injecting urethane into them to form a finished part. Empty molds are placed on the oven conveyor and pass through the oven to preheat. Upon reaching the exit of the oven, the molds are filled with a multiple component urethane mix and placed in the cure oven. This oven is electrically heated and provides a horizontal air flow within the chamber.

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