DTI-784 Pre Heating Rack Oven


Overall Dimensions 12′-0″ L x 12′-0″ W x 4′-6″ H (3658mm x 3658mm x 1372mm)
Interior Dimensions 6′-6″ L x 10′-0″ W x 0′-8″ H (1981mm x 3048mm x 203mm)
Insulation Thickness  5″ (127mm)
Heat Source Single electric heater controlled by SCR
Maximum Operating Temperature  500°F (260°C)
Operating Temperature Range  350°F – 475°F (177°C – 246°C)
Fans One (1) Circulation Fan, One (1) Exhaust Fan
Airflow  A combination vertical airflow with air being impinged on the product from top and bottom
Operating Voltage  480-volt / 3-phase / 60-hertz
Control  AB Micro Logix PLC to control all functions


The DTI-784 industrial oven is a thermoforming solution that preheats cotton and polyethylene backing material used in the manufacturing of interior components for the automotive industry. The process requires that the blank be heated from both sides. This industrial oven includes a product rack that operates on a series of tracks and rollers. The blank of material is manually loaded onto the rack. A signal tells the pneumatically operated vertical door to open, and the rack is indexed into the oven.

Once the rack is in the oven and the door closes, the cycle timer begins. The material blank remains in the oven chamber for approximately 55 seconds, and heated air is impinged to both sides of the product. At the end of the cycle, the door opens and the rack exits the heated chamber. The material blank is then unloaded. The rack extends out of the oven 6′-4″ for the loading and unloading process. The entire oven is mounted on v-groove caster, providing the required mobility during press tooling changes.

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