DTI-507 Clean Room Curing Batch Oven


Exterior Dimensions  7′-5″ L x 5′-0″ W x 4′-4″ H (2261mm x 1524mm x 1321mm)
Interior Dimensions 5′-0″ L x 4′-2″ W x 4′-0″ H (1524mm x 1270mm x 1219mm)
Heat Source One (1) electric heater controlled by SCR
Max Operating Temperature  200°F (93°C)
Design Operating Temperature  150°F – 200°F (66°C – 93°C)
Operating Voltage  480-volt / 3-phase / 60-hertz
Airflow Combination
Circulation Fans One (1) circulation fan
Exhaust Fans  One (1) exhaust fan
Control Programmable controller capable of storing multiple ramp/soak programs.


The DTI-507 batch oven cures rubber printing press rollers, and is designed to meet Class 100 clean room requirements. This batch oven penetrates a wall separating the clean room from the rest of the plant. Doors enter the wall and are inside the clean room along with the custom product carts.  The cart system used with this batch oven is a two (2) cart system. One batch oven cart processes product at temperature, and the second cart is fabricated to match the height of the floor track system within the oven. The second cart acts as a transfer cart to shuttle the oven cart within the work area as required. This cart configuration allows the batch oven to include an insulated floor. The oven doors are not required to seal against the plant floor.  This door design prevents plant floor scrubbing, reducing clean room contamination particles.




The batch oven utilizes a structural steel framework internal to the insulated walls. The batch oven’s interior and product cart are constructed of 304 stainless steel with a 2B finish. The exterior of the batch oven is constructed of 304 stainless steel with a #4 brushed finish.  All seams in the batch oven are seal welded on the outside to prevent particles from entering the chamber. The batch oven’s chamber airflow is a vertical down / horizontal combination. The air enters the chamber at the top, and the return air openings are located at the bottom of each sidewall. A HEPA filter is included in the air path to provide constant filtering of circulated air.

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