DTI-475 Cooling Chamber


Chamber External Dimensions 2′-2″ L x 2′-8″ W x 6′-8″ H (660mm x 813mm x 2032mm)
Interior Dimensions 1′-8″ L x 2′-4″ W x 2′-0″ H (508mm x 711mm x 610mm)
Insulation Thickness 2″ (51mm)
Cooling Chamber One (1) direct expansion cooling system
Cooling Medium R22 Freon
Condensing Unit One (1) unitary refrigeration condensing unit located on top of the chamber
Evaporator System One (1) evaporator system is mounted inside the cooling chamber on the roof of the unit
Operating Voltage 480-volt / 3-phase / 60-hertz


The DTI-475 cooling chamber cools rubber rope used in door and window assemblies in automobiles. The cooler consists of three (3) shelves in order to process three (3) separate material trays. Each tray contains approximately fifteen (15) pounds of rubber rope. The cooler is designed to maintain the rubber rope at a temperature approximately twenty (20) degrees less than the ambient temperature of the plant. The cooler utilizes a product opening sleeve to allow the product to be routed from the cooling chamber to the molding operation.

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