DTI-474 Product Tumbler


Chamber External Dimensions 7′-0″ L x 3′-0″ W x 4′-0″ H (2134mm x 914mm x 1219mm)
Interior Dimensions 4′-0″ L x 1′-2″ Diameter (1219mm x 356mm)
Tumbler Body Construction Stainless steel
System Fan A single fan draws air through the tumbler body
Airflow System Air ionizing system


The DTI-474 product tumbler cleans nylon parts used in the automotive industry. The tumbler capacity is approximately 5,000 parts. The fan is enabled once parts are placed in the tumbler. As the tumbler body rotates, the parts are lifted by product flights toward the top of the tumbler body.  As the flight reaches the top of the tumbler, the parts fall back to the bottom of the tumbler body. As the product rotates, ionized air is drawn through the tumbler body at a high velocity. The airflow removes unwanted dust and particles from the parts as they fall to the bottom of the tumbler. When the cycle is considered complete, the motion of the tumbler is stopped.  The tumbler body is then tilted, and the tumbler motion is reversed to allow product scoops to remove the product form the chamber.

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