DTI-1404 Inert Atmosphere Batch Oven

DTI-1404 Inert Atmosphere Batch Oven


Product Being Processed


Overall Length, Width, Height

19′-6″ L x 12′-0″ W x 14′-7″ H (5944mm x 3658mm x 4445mm)

Heated Chamber Length, Width, Height

14′-6″ L x 6′-0″ W x 6′-0″ H (4420mm x 1829mm x 1829mm)

Type of Heating System


Design Operating Temperature

450°F (232°C)

Maximum Operating Temperature

500°F (260°C)

Product Support

Cart system, 1/4″ plate floor with cart tracks


PLC controls with operator HMI, UL listed control enclosure


DTI-1404 is designed to perform a curing cycle for military plastics. Due to the nature of the product this oven must operate at extremely low levels of atmosphere while at temperature. Exposure to oxygen above a set temperature can potential ruin the product, so extreme care is taken to ensure all seams and joints are minimized and designed in such a way to prohibit introduction of atmosphere to a heated cycle. The oven door was designed as a vertical opening door to minimize foot print and aid access to the oven chamber, while maintaining a complete seal around the opening.


To achieve extremely low levels of oxygen the oven has been completely Heliarc (TIG) seal welded. All oven penetration has been minimized and sealed to ensure no air is pulled inside. A slight positive pressure in the chamber is controlled with a self-regulating release valve, ensuring a complete purging of the interior during the run cycle.

A stainless steel cooling coil and thermal oil unit perform an assisted cooling ramp. This decreases thermal shock and deposit build-up experienced by using cooling water as a cooling medium.


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