DTI-1305 Automotive Pre-Heat Production Line

DTI-1305 Automotive Pre-Heat Production Line Conveyor Oven by Davron


Product Being Processed Automotive Carpet with Acoustic / Insulation Substrate Layer
Length, Width and Height 78’-0″ L x 14’-0″ W x 11’-0″ H (23770mm x 4270mm x 3350mm)
Type of Heating System Electric Infrared & Electric Contact Heat
Belt Width  8′-9″ (2670mm)
Heating Zone Length 9′-10″ (3000mm)
Operating Temperature 350°F (177°C)
Max Temperature 500°F (260°C)
Part Production Rate 85 seconds



Our customer wanted to create a multiple layer product assembly, utilizing a “cut to length” carpet blank and barrier product. The production requirement is to apply contact heat, top and bottom, followed by infrared heating, all to be completed within the required production rate of 85 seconds part to part.


The DTI-1305 heats two different types of material (automotive carpet and barrier layer) within a single oven system. The system automatically orients each component, heats and then shuttle conveys the heated ‘carpet / acoustic set’ to the customer’s forming press. The materials being heated and assembled into a set are an automotive carpet and an acoustic/insulation product layer.

The carpet layer is pulled from a roll with an automated pull to length and cut system, placed onto the oven feed conveyor and then conveyed forward to a second position. At the second position, a 2-axis pick-n-place utilizes vacuum cups to pick up the sound attenuating / barrier layer and place it on top of the carpet layer. The accurately stacked material set is then conveyed into a pneumatically actuated contact / platen heater. The conveyor then indexes to deliver the heated material set from the contact heater to the IR heating position to complete the heating cycle. The material is then conveyed from the IR heating position onto a shuttle conveyor. The shuttle conveyor frame then advances forward into the open forming press tool area. As the shuttle conveyor frame then retracts, the conveyor belt simultaneously drives forward to accurately discharge the product onto the forming press tool for forming and completion of the manufacturing cycle.


Davron Technologies, Inc. provides automotive soft-product multiple-layer/multiple-heat-source applications to suit our customer’s unique requirements, including the following:

  • Industries Served: Automotive Soft Products, Automotive Acoustics, Automotive NVH (Noise, Vibration & Harshness)
  • Materials Processed: Automotive Carpet, Automotive Barrier Layer, Fender Liners, Automotive Package Trays, Woven & Non-Woven Products, Molded Carpets
  • Gas or Electric Multiple Component/Multiple Heating Continuous Oven Types: Forced Air Impingement, Convection, Contact Heat, Infrared
Bringing the heat

The manufacturer’s guide to successful automotive textile thermal processing

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The manufacturer’s guide to successful automotive textile thermal processing

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