DTI-1225 Drop Bottom Batch Oven


Exterior Dimensions  12′-4″ L x 11′-2″ W x 13′-0″ H (3759mm x 3404mm x 3962mm)
Interior Dimensions of each chamber 10′-8″ L x 7′-6″ W x 2′-0″ H (3251mm x 2286mm x 610mm)
Heat Source Single full modulating natural gas burner package
Max Operating Temp 960°F (516°C)
Design Operating Temp 900°F (482°C)
Insulation Thickness  10″ (254mm)
Controls Programmable digital temperature controller – capable of storing multiple profiles with multi steps per profile
Operating voltage  480-volt /3-phase /60-hertz
Airflow Horizontal cross flow (with by-pass system)
Circulation Fans One (1) Circulation Fan with VFD
Exhaust Fans One (1) Exhaust Fan for the oven


The DTI-1225 drop bottom batch oven is used to process titanium parts. The system utilizes a rack system that lowers into and out of the oven. When the rack is in place it becomes the floor of the oven. Product is loaded onto the rack and the control switch in engaged raising the rack and placing the product in the heated chamber. At the end of the heating cycle the rack is lowered and the product is unloaded from the rack and a new product is placed on the rack. Once the new product is in position the cycle repeats.

There is approximately five (5) minutes between cycles for loading and unloading product. The airflow in the ovens heated chamber is a horizontal cross flow. However, the plenum system features a by-pass duct system that keeps heated air from entering the heated chamber while the drop bottom is lowered and being loaded with product. Additionally, the burner system automatically goes to a low fire setting when the drop bottom is lowered. Both of these features ensure that the oven is operating as efficiently as possible.


Drop Bottom Batch Oven Construction Features

Due to the corrosive nature of the product this oven utilizes stainless steel for the structural steel frame, oven interior and oven exterior. Other features include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • The interior seams of the oven chamber are seal welded to prevent corrosive by products of the process migrating into oven walls and insulation.
  • One (1) Circulation Fan
  • One (1) full modulating natural gas burner system
  • One (1) exhaust fan
  • One (1) access door provides access for maintenance and cleaning of the heating plenum and meets NFPA explosion relief requirements.
  • The oven utilizes 10” thick insulated walls
  • A structural steel base frame ensures the elevation of the heated chamber is 7’-0” above the finished floor.
  • The oven is constructed in two sections to accommodate shipping and installation requirements.

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