DTI-1221 Equipment Mezzanine


Overall dimensions of system 40′-0″ L x 20′-0″ W x 9′-7″ H (12192mm x 6096mm x 2921mm)
Overall dimensions of heating section 10′-10″ L x 7′-11″ W x 3′-0″ H  (3302mm x 2413mm x 914mm)
Overall dimensions of cooling section 10′-6″ L x 12′-3″ W x 4′-0″ H (3200mm x 3734mm x 1219mm)
Conveyor dimensions 28-‘5″ L x 7’-6″ W (8661mm x 2286mm)
Heat Source Natural Gas Infrared Burners


The DTI-1221 equipment mezzanine was supplied as part of a complete production line. The mezzanine houses equipment used to process a non-woven textile. The system includes the following components:

  • One (1) common conveying system to convey product through the system.
  • Two (2) natural gas IR heating sections
  • Two (2) cooling boxes
  • One (1) Safety Fence guarding system.

Product enters the system from below the mezzanine and travels on the conveyor through the two (2) IR heating sections. The intent of the heating section is to dry the die and remove the moisture from the product. After passing through the IR sections the product travels through the two (2) cooling boxes and then exits the system and travels below the mezzanine to next step in the production process.

The burners located in the heating section are adjustable in height and width to allow for adjustment in the intensity and direction of the heat being applied to the product. Each heating section includes two rows of 17 natural gas IR burners for a total of 68 burners.




  • Structural steel members make up the mezzanine
  • Natural gas Infrared burners
  • Stainless steel conveyor belt with 1/2″ x 1/2″ openings
  • Forced Cooling

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