DTI-1200 Overhead Monorail Conveyor Oven



Overall dimensions 48′-8″ L x 14′-0″ W x 12′-4″ H (14834mm x 4267mm x 3759mm)
Interior dimensions 48′-0″ L x 13′-3″ W x 6′-0″ H (14630mm x 4039mm x 1829mm)
Insulation thickness  4″ (102mm)
Maximum operating temperature  302°F (150°C)
Operating temperature range  122°F – 302°F (50°C – 150°C)
Fans Two (2) circulation fans, one (1) exhaust fan
Airflow  Horizontal Cross Flow
Operating voltage  480-volt / 3-phase / 60-hertz
Control  PLC with Operator Touch Screen (HMI) for all functions
Heat Source 2 Electric heaters controlled by SCR


The DTI-1200 Overhead Monorail Conveyor Oven System is used to heat an instrument panel used in the automotive industry. This particular instrument panel is made of a polypropylene material. The overhead monorail conveyor oven described here is the oven located on the left in the associated photographs.

The intent of this overhead monorail conveyor oven is to heat the surface of the instrument panel to the desired temperature to prove the adhesion of an adhesive component applied to the raw product before a cover is added. The oven utilizes an overhead monorail conveyor system with custom product hooks for transporting product through the oven chamber.

The operation of this oven is continuous and allows the product to make 3 passes in the heated chamber. This arrangement provides the desired dwell time within the heated chamber. The conveyor speed is adjustable controlled by variable frequency drive. The heated chamber consists of 2 individual zones of temperature control to provide adjustability to the heating profile. Each zone is 50% of the heated chamber length. Heat to each zone is provided by electric heaters. The airflow within the heated chamber is a horizontal cross flow pattern. Heated air is supplied to the product from one of the vertical side walls in the heated chamber.





Automotive Supplier Advantages
  • Conveyor Speed is adjustable to allow the production rate to be increased
  • Custom product hooks allow for efficient and easy loading/unloading of product onto the conveying system
  • Saftey guarding and safety mats provide operator protectionAutomotive Oven Features
  • The oven is heated by 2 electric heaters
  • Airflow is supplied by 2 circulation fans
  • PLC controlled with operator touch screen (HMI)
  • Conveyor speed controlled by variable frequency drive
  • Fire protection piping with sprinkler heads along the length of the oven
  • 42″ handrail with mid-rail and toe board along the top of the oven

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