DTI-1140 Heat Treat Indexing Conveyor Oven


Chamber External Dimensions 29′-8″ L x 8′-8″ W x 9′-1″ H (9042mm x 2642mm x 2769mm)
Conveyor Usable Size 29′-8″ L x 4′-0″ W x 2′-6″ H (9042mm x 1219mm x 762mm)
Insulation Thickness 10″ (254mm)
Conveyor Extensions 10′-11″ (3327mm) entrance and 3′-3″ (991mm) exit end
Conveyor Type Oven class chain
Conveyor Control PLC controlled index based on time
Heat Source 2 full modulating natural gas burners
Design Operating Temperature 392°F – 932°F (200°C – 500°C)
Maximum Operating Temperature 1004°F (540°C)
Operating Voltage 480-volt / 3-phase / 60-hertz
Control  PLC control of all functions with operator touch screen (HMI)


The DTI-1140 Indexing Conveyor Oven System is used to heat treat steel components used in the automotive industry. The system includes 1 oven, 1 quench tank, 1 rinse tank, and a pick and place system.

The parts are loaded in baskets and loaded onto the conveying system of the oven with a fork truck. The oven includes two zones of temperature control. The load area of the conveying system is 3 positions long so there are always 3 baskets of product ready to enter the oven.The first zone of the oven allows the product to ramp to the set point temperature. In the second zone the product soaks at the set point temperature for a predetermined amount of time.

Upon completion of the heat treating process the basket indexes out of the heated chamber to the unload position of the conveying system. The pick and place system then picks up the basket and moves it to the quench tank where the basket soaks for a predetermined amount of time. At this point the basket is transported to the rinse tank where it soaks for a predetermined amount of time. The basket is then transported to the unload platform.

Both the quench tank and the rinse tank utilize electric heaters to ensure that the solution in each tank is at the proper temperature prior to the start of production.



  • Provides in line manufacturing
  • Reduces labor cost of batch processes in regards to handling
  • Eliminates multiple batch ovens required to keep pace with production


  • The oven is heated by 2 natural gas burners
  • Heated airflow within the chamber is a combination airflow pattern.
  • Quench tank utilizes a chiller to cool solution after each cycle
  • The oven includes 4 zones of control
  • Oven includes 4 access doors
  • Conveying system operates in an index configuration

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