DTI-1134 Continuous Scorching System


Overall dimensions 12′-7″ L x 12′-5″ W x 6′-7″ H (3835mm x 3785mm x 2007mm)
Interior dimensions Scorching Chamber: 6′-8″ L x 5′-4″ W x 1′-8″ H (2032mm x 1626mm x 508mm)
Cooling Chamber: 9′-10″ L x 3′-6″ W x 4′-3″ H (2997mm x 1067mm x 1295mm)
Insulation thickness  6″ (152mm)
Heat Source Electric
Maximum operating temperature  1328°F (720°C)
Operating temperature range  212°F – 1328°F (100°C – 720°C)
Operating voltage  480-volt / 3-phase / 60-hertz
Control  PLC with Operator Touch Screen (HMI) for all functions
Miscellaneous Control panel assembled in accordance with UL508A guidelines


The DTI-1134 custom continuous scorching system is used in the manufacturing of disc brake pads. The system utilizes two (2) heated platens. Each platen contains twelve (12) rod heaters to heat the surface of the platen. The two (2) platens are individually controlled. Parts are conveyed through the system by pusher bars. The system also includes a cooling chamber adjacent to the scorching chamber. The arrangement of the complete system allows for parts to travel through the scorching chamber and exit onto a transfer conveyor. The transfer conveyor conveys the parts to the entrance of the cooling chamber. A pneumatically actuated pusher arm transfers the parts from the transfer conveyor to the cooling chamber conveying system. The system is in a U shape arrangement allowing the parts to be loaded and unloaded from the same end of the system.

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