DTI-1354 Baking Conveyor Oven

DTI-1354 Baking Conveyor Oven


Product Being Processed


Overall Length, Width, Height

29′-3″ L x 5′-9″ W x 9′-8″ H (8915mm x 1753mm x 2946mm)

Heated Chamber Length, Width, Height

19′-9″ L x 4′-3″ W x 4′-3″ H (6020mm x 1295mm x 1295mm)

Type of Heating System

Modulating Natural Gas Fired Burner

Design Operating Temperature

250°F – 450°F (121°C – 232°C)

Maximum Operating Temperature

500°F (260°C)

Product Support

Stainless steel wire mesh belt


PLC controls with operator HMI, UL listed control enclosure


The customer needed a continuous conveyor oven for testing and small production runs with the ability to increase to full production if necessary. DTI-1354 was designed as a modular system with three zones of heat and the capability to add additional zones as needed to meet production requirements.


Conveyor speeds, fan speeds, and temperatures are set on the HMI touch screen and controlled through the PLC. Unbaked dough is extruded onto the stainless wire mesh belt and baked on its way through the three zones of heat. Heated air is directed at the product vertically from above and below the belt, while manual externally adjustable dampers bias the air flow top and bottom to produce an even bake and color.


Davron Technologies, Inc. designs and manufactures custom industrial ovens of this type to meet many unique process requirements, including but not limited to, the following:

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