Davron Designs Space-Saving Vertical Oven for Automotive Curing Process

The parts that need to be processed are loaded into the oven via an integrated automated pick-and-place system, reducing the labor required. Parts are conveyed through the vertical oven via indexed custom product trays. The control system allows the user to adjust the index time of the conveying system to provide varying dwell times in the heated chamber.

The maximum operating temperature for the DTI-1135’s heated chamber is 500⁰F. The vertical oven features PLC control and all motion functions are controlled by servo for accuracy and speed. The airflow in the heated chamber follows a horizontal pattern and the cooling zone uses a vertical top-down pattern to ensure each product is exposed to accurate and consistent temperatures during the cycle.

The overall dimensions of the DTI-1135 are 5’10” wide x 15’6” high x 16’6” long. The interior of the oven is made out of 16-gauge aluminized steel backed by six inches of eight-pound density mineral wool insulation. The exterior is constructed of 16-gauge carbon steel backed by a structural steel frame and finished with high temperature paint. The vertical oven features two access doors to provide access to the heated chamber for maintenance and cleaning.

Davron designed the DTI-1135 vertical oven based on three criteria provided by the customer: the production rate, the product size, and the temperature profile required for the process. Once the vertical oven was manufactured, Davron did acceptance testing and training with the customer at Davron headquarters in Chattanooga, Tenn., prior to shipment.

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