Programmable Custom Curing Oven for Foam Industry


(Chattanooga, Tenn.) Oct. 15, 2015 — Davron Technologies, Inc. recently designed and manufactured the DTI-1245, one of its custom curing ovens used to cure closed cell foam products.

The oven can reach temperatures as high as 500° F with adjustable process cycles that can be customized via a PLC system for the product being cured. To ensure evenly distributed heat, the oven includes a natural gas burner and circulation fan to circulate heated air to the curing chamber in a horizontal cross-flow pattern.

Airflow can be completely reversed during the cooling cycle through a series of pneumatically operated dampers. To speed up the cooling cycle, Davron included a dedicated cooling exhaust fan in addition to the standard oven exhaust fan.

“When curing closed cell foam, our top priority is even heat distribution to ensure the cells connect and form universally,” said Jimmy Evans, Davron’s Vice President. “Cooling is just as important ­to maintain the integrity of the closed cell structure. We can work with a variety of closed-cell EVA foams and cross-linked polyethylene, as well as open-cell polyurethane foams.”

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