Product Release: DTI-1412 IR/Convection Oven

Davron is pleased to share a recent product shipped: DTI-1412.

This industrial conveyor oven system addresses the need for two automotive carpet products to be pre-heated and stacked one on top of the other before being pressed into their final shape. To add challenge, the two materials are quite different in nature and require two different types of heating processes.

To meet this need, Davron designed and built a pre-heating system that heats the two carpet layers independently with convection heat for the light backing material and infrared (IR) heat for the carpet layer. These systems are stacked one above the other and incorporated together. A lift conveyor functions as an elevator for the top level, allowing operators to load from ground level without need for a mezzanine. The two pieces are conveyed through the heat and then stacked precisely on top of each other, while being delivered out onto a high temp Teflon conveyor for unloading.

For more details about industrial ovens and a full explanation of the design process, click here to see the full product page.