Product Release: DTI 1407 Industrial Conveyor Oven

Our newest product release is the DTI 1407 industrial conveyor oven, which we refer to as the “extruder downstream equipment” oven.

This custom industrial oven was built for the industrial foam industry, specifically for a customer extruding high and low density polyethylene materials at temperatures ranging between 302 and 410 degrees.

Typically, our custom industrial ovens range between the size of a room to the size of a building, however, this particular oven can be separated from top to bottom for ease of access to clean or adjust as necessary.

We designed this particular extrusion oven with unique safety concerns in mind which the oven to be manually released and the products inside to be accessible for quick extinguishment of fires or in the case of a loss of power.

Once the product has been fully formed and solidified, this custom extrusion oven will push the product to one of several stacking patterns depending on the customer’s specific requirements.

This custom conveyor oven is one of the first processes to be used in the manufacturing of industrial foam. These foams can eventually be used in automotive, aerospace, or even athletic applications.

Another great industrial conveyor oven from our design and engineering teams. Reach out to discuss your custom oven needs today!