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The Davron Difference: Conveyor Ovens

Designing and building custom industrial conveyor ovens is a key part of the offering Davron provides to our customers and partners. We define conveyor ovens as any product that is conveyed through a heat treating process. As a result, we see a wide variety of...

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Product Release: DTI-1412 IR/Convection Oven

Davron is pleased to share a recent product shipped: DTI-1412.This industrial conveyor oven system addresses the need for two automotive carpet products to be pre-heated and stacked one on top of the other before being pressed into their final shape. To...

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Product Release: DTI-1404 Inert Atmosphere Batch Oven

Davron is pleased to share our most recent product shipped: DTI-1404.This inert atmosphere batch oven was designed to perform a curing cycle for high-quality plastics. Due to the nature of the product this oven must operate at extremely low levels of...

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Davron Named Rockwell Automation Equipment Builder Partner

Davron Technologies is proud to announce we’ve recently become a Rockwell Automation Machine and Equipment Builder Partner. Over the years Davron has shown a commitment to use Rockwell Automation as their standard automation offering on equipment. Davron has an edge...

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When to Use Gas-Fired Industrial Ovens

Few manufacturers use gas-fired industrial ovens since they are more expensive to build than electric ovens. In addition, not every plant has the gas lines or tanks required to run a gas oven. However, in certain situations a gas-fired oven is worth the extra capital investment.

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Conveyor Oven Belt Materials & Their Applications

Designing a custom industrial conveyor oven involves the careful consideration of multiple factors. You must determine not only the oven configuration and belt type that most closely fit your needs, but also the best material to use for the belt itself. From metals to...

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Product Release: DTI-1278 Heat Forming Oven

Davron is proud to share our latest heat forming oven created specifically to perform thermoforming for a honeycomb composite material. Our customer had specific space limitations that impacted the design and led to a vertical door with hinges at the top and center....

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Best Uses for Vertical Ovens

Manufacturers often turn to vertical ovens when they have limited floor space. After all, that’s the basic idea behind a vertical oven: By going up, a custom oven manufacturer can create an industrial oven that has a smaller footprint than a typical, horizontally...

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Davron Technologies Just Doubled Its Facility Size

Davron Technologies Just Doubled Its Facility Size November 23, 2015 (CHATTANOOGA, Tenn.) November 23, 2015 - Industrial oven manufacturer Davron Technologies, Inc. has added 20,000 square feet to its facility, doubling the floor space devoted to heavy manufacturing...

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Programmable Custom Curing Oven for Foam Industry

DAVRON BUILDS PLC-PROGRAMMABLE CURING OVEN FOR CLOSED CELL FOAM PRODUCTS (Chattanooga, Tenn.) Oct. 15, 2015 — Davron Technologies, Inc. recently designed and manufactured the DTI-1245, one of its custom curing ovens used to cure closed cell foam products. The oven can...

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Industrial Oven for Automotive Industry Success Story

(Chattanooga, Tenn.) Oct. 2, 2015 — Davron Technologies, Inc. recently designed and manufactured the DTI-914, an industrial oven for preheating automotive carpet blanks prior to press forming. To start, a carpet blank is placed on one of two alternating rack systems...

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Industrial Batch Ovens: Advantages and Limitations

Industrial batch ovens are used for all sorts of applications in various manufacturing processes. They bake, cure, dry, form and pre-heat across industries including aerospace, automotive, ceramics, foam, pharmaceuticals, plastics, power, and sporting goods. Before...

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Davron Designs Preheating Oven That Eliminates Heat Waste

Davron Technologies, Inc. recently designed and manufactured the DTI-1133, an electrically heated, energy-friendly industrial oven used to pre-heat automotive carpet blanks prior to press forming. The preheating oven uses an innovative air bypass system that prevents...

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Curing Ovens for Brake Pads and Linings

Industrial ovens play important roles in manufacturing many of the parts that are used to assemble finished automobiles. One of the most prevalent applications for industrial ovens in the automotive supply chain is to cure friction materials —namely disc brake pads...

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8 Criteria for Designing Industrial Conveyor Ovens

When you’re dealing with specialized manufacturing processes with strict requirements, it’s impossible to use a standard conveyor oven. Modern manufacturing demands custom ovens that have been designed to meet product- and process-specific requirements. This means...

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True Turnkey Industrial Oven Manufacturing – Part 4

In Part 3 of this series, we talked about the manufacturing phase of a custom industrial oven, covering the mechanical and electrical disciplines. In this post we will talk about what you should expect once manufacturing is complete — from installation to after-sales...

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True Turnkey Industrial Oven Manufacturing – Part 3

In Part 2 of this series, we discussed order placement, project kickoff, and the engineering phase of a true turnkey oven project. In this post, we will consider the expectations customers should have for the manufacturing phase of their custom oven projects. The...

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True Turnkey Industrial Oven Manufacturing – Part 2

In Part 1 of this series, we talked about first contact with an industrial oven supplier and what you should expect during the proposal process. In this post, we are going to walk through what to expect after an order is placed and before manufacturing begins. Order...

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True Turnkey Industrial Oven Manufacturing – Part 1

As we stated in our first post this year, nothing is more important at Davron than our customers. The needs of each customer determine the specifications of their industrial oven, as well as the way it gets made. While products can speak for themselves to some degree,...

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Vertical Ovens: The Compact Sportscar of Ovens

Industrial ovens commonly are horizontal installations, whether batch or conveyor ovens, but sometimes the demands of limited space or production line requirements won’t allow for the footprint or product flow of a horizontal oven. The ideal solution is a custom...

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Industrial Oven Maintenance

Cleaning Your Industrial Oven Like a Pro Every piece of industrial equipment is subjected to various types of stresses and strains, but few take the heat like an industrial oven. Regular oven maintenance is crucial to maximizing oven life, reducing shutdown frequency,...

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Continuous Oven or Batch Oven?

Determining which Oven Type Suits Your Process Needs In many manufacturing plants, the production process demands a thermal procedure requiring an industrial oven. Anyone tasked with overseeing process development for such a facility inevitably faces these questions:...

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