How We Make an Industrial Oven

We pride ourselves on designing and building industrial ovens that hold structural integrity and will last for decades when well-maintained.

At Davron, we accomplish this through a general manufacturing process that is applied to every oven we build. After an oven has been designed and engineered, it will end up in the manufacturing stage of production.

Our custom process includes a number of steps that are unique to Davron’s design methodology and ensures our custom industrial ovens are built to our internal standard. Each oven is built following this process:

  1. Each oven begins as a structural frame that is planned and welded together
  2. This frame supports the interior and exterior components of the oven
  3. Interior panels are inserted onto the structural frame
  4. Oven is insulated and exterior sheeting is welded on
  5. Ovens are then lifted as a single unit to be shipped or transported

By building our ovens with a structural frame, we are able to move the entire unit as one piece. This method ensures the safest movement and transport of ovens and provides a far superior method to tongue and groove units.

Ultimately, our clients experience a much faster, easier, and more durable installation as a result of our manufacturing process.

To discuss your project or learn more about our design process, contact us.