Davron Awarded Contract for Non-Woven Textile Finishing Equipment

Davron Technologies, Inc. has been selected by a global non-woven textile supplier to manufacture several pieces of finishing equipment. The equipment includes two natural-gas IR heating stations, two cooling boxes, and one common conveyor system to move product through the system, which will be located on top of a structural steel mezzanine elevated 10’0” above the plant floor. This will allow other processes to be performed underneath the system, saving floor space.

The system is used in the drying process for a non-woven textile product and is part of a complete production line. Product enters the system from below the mezzanine and travels on the conveyor through the two heating sections, which remove moisture from the product. After passing through the IR-heated sections, the product is conveyed through the two cooling chambers and then exits the system, traveling below the mezzanine to the next phase of the production process.

“This industrial finishing project is a little unusual for us because we are manufacturing heating, cooling, and conveying equipment that was designed and previously manufactured by our customer. But due to the partnership we’ve built through past projects, they requested we manufacture this equipment and provide some value-added engineering,” said Jimmy Evans Vice President & General Manager at Davron Technologies, Inc. “Our experience with airflow, manufacturing processes, and quality is unparalleled.”

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