Behind the Scenes: Building DTI-1434

All of the ovens manufactured here at Davron are custom designed and fabricated to meet our clients’ specific requirements and use cases.

Below, we’ve provided a behind the scenes look at an oven currently in progress as we design and manufacture DTI 1434 for a customer.

This custom industrial oven has three heated zones designed to cross-link, and will be equipped with three conveyors that will traverse the product from front to back.

Although our team is still in the manufacturing process for this particular unit, we have already built out some vital components for this industrial oven. These components include:

  • central circulation fan
  • central burner
  • uses the interior walls as part of the plenum system
  • adjustable dampers to help regulate airflow during the process
  • a complete structural framework to support interior and exterior assemblies

In addition to these components, there are a number of systems and features that we’ve yet to build out as part of the design process. By the end of our build-out, this oven will also feature:

  • three oven systems will be joined to create one oven system
  • solid stainless rods to avoid bearings and potential maintenance
  • three viewing windows to correspond to the different heights of the conveyors

Every design project is a new opportunity to create an entirely custom industrial oven that serves a specific task for the industrial customer we’re supporting on a given project. DTI 1434 is no different, and we’ll be sure to provide a project summary once completed.

Eventually, this oven will be disassembled, shipped, and re-assembled on-site at our client facilities. Stay tuned for further updates!