DTI-954 Indexing Conveyor Oven


Chamber External Dimensions 67′-8″ L x 19′-7″ W x 5′-4″ H (20625mm x 5969mm x 1626mm)
Conveyor Usable Size 66′-4″ L x 15′-3″ W x 1′-5″ H (20218mm x 4648mm x 432mm)
Insulation Thickness 8″ (203mm)
Conveyor Extensions 5′-6″ (1676mm) on both Entrance and Exit End
Conveyor Type Custom Design Product Trays
Conveyor Control PLC controlled index based on time
Heat Source Four Modulating Natural Gas Fired Burners
Design Operating Temperature 300°F – 800°F (149°C – 427°C)
Maximum Operating Temperature 800°F (427°C)
Operating Voltage 480-volt / 3-phase / 60-hertz
Control  PLC control for all functions with operator touch screen (HMI)
Conveyor Tension  Constant Pneumatic take-up to compensate for thermal expansion


The DTI-954 multiple zone indexing conveyor oven heat treats automotive coil springs used for suspension systems. The coiled springs are placed in custom trays included with the conveyor oven system, and are conveyed through the oven for tempering. The tray system processes six parts per row and the conveyor oven system indexes based on timed increments through the length of the oven. Multiple heat zones are included to allow temperature variations used to create temperature profiles. The process requirement dictates that parts are heated at a controlled rate up to the maximum temperature. Temperature is reduced at a controlled rate prior to exit from the system.




  • Provides in line manufacturing
  • Reduces labor force of batch process in regards to handling required to load and unload product into racks
  • Eliminates multiple batch ovens required to keep pace with production


  • The oven is gas heated
  • Multiple zones for custom temperature profile
  • Constant pneumatic take-up compensates for conveyor thermal expansion during operation
  • The conveyor system indexes on timed increments as required for the production rate
  • All functions of the machine are controlled by PLC with an operator touch screen (HMI)

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