DTI-950 Infrared Paint Cure System


Chamber External Dimensions 7′-1″ L x 8′-8″ W x 2′-2″ H (2159mm x 26412mm x 660mm)
Conveyor Usable Size 8′-8″ L x 7′-9″ w x 0′-6″ H (2642mm x 2362mm x 152mm)
Insulation Thickness 4″ (102mm)
Conveyor Extensions 0′-10″ (254mm) on both Entrance and Exit End
Conveyor Type Stainless Steel Flat Wire Belt
Conveyor Control Variable Frequency Drive
Heat Source Electric Infrared Heater Banks
Design Operating Temperature 250°F – 450°F (121°C – 232°C)
Maximum Operating Temperature 500°F (260°C)
Operating Voltage 480-volt / 3-phase / 60-hertz
Control  Digital Temperature Controls, Temperature and Output Percentage


The DTI-950 conveyor oven system cures powder paint on automotive disc brake pads. Painted pads exit the paint spray systems and are placed on the cure oven belt by pick and place. In order to reduce the conveyor oven’s length, multiple parts are placed across the width of the cure oven belt. Painted parts pass under an infrared heating system for cure, and are cooled with forced air prior to exit from the system. The IR panels are adjustable in height from the product to provide variation of the intensity of the heat being applied, working in conjunction with the heat controls to provide proper curing conditions.

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