DTI-898 Roll Processing Preheat System


Product Being Processed Cast components
Overall Dimensions 23′-3’ L x 9′-6″ W x 11’-0″ H (7087mm x 2896mm x 3353mm)
Type of Heating System Electric
Conveyor Width  7′-7″ (2311mm)
Heating Zone Length Zone-1 = 4′-2″ (1270mm), Zone-2 = 3′-0″ (914mm)
Cooling Zone Length 4′-2″ (1270mm)
Operating Temperature 600°C (1112°F)
Maximum Temperature 850°C (1562°F)
Part Production Rate 45 seconds



The DTI-898 roll processing preheat system is a thermoforming oven used in manufacturing automotive interior floor carpeting. The system pulls product to length, cuts, and preheats both the carpet product and padding simultaneously. At the completion of the cutting process, the materials are introduced to the oven for preheating. The pad is conveyed through the upper level of the oven and heated by forced air convection.

Carpet product is conveyed through the lower level of the oven and heated by infrared panels.  The infrared panels are arranged in individual zones of control, allowing for variations of heating across the entire surface of the carpet. After the preheating process is complete, both the pad and carpet exit the two levels of the oven simultaneously.  They are then matched together to form a preheated vehicle set, ready to be press formed as a single unit.  The total cycle time from part to part can be as short as 45 seconds in this application.




  • Automated processing from precut blanks of material to preheated vehicle set ready to press
  • Part to part cycle times as short as 45 seconds in this application
  • System includes capability to meet In Line Vehicle Sequencing requirements in regards to color and quantity requirements of the manufacturer


  • Oven is electrically heated
  • PLC controlled with operator touch screen (HMI)
  • All motion functions controlled by servo for accuracy and speed

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