DTI-512 Inert Atmosphere Batch Oven


Overall Dimensions 16′-9″ L x 10′-0″ W x 10′-8″ H (5105mm x 3048mm x 3251mm)
Interior Dimensions 14′-0″ L x 6′-0″ W x 6′-0″ H (4267mm x 1829mm x 1829mm)
Insulation Thickness  6″ (152mm)
Heat Source  Single electric heater controlled by SCR
Maximum Operating Temperature  500°F (260°C)
Operating Temperature  200°F – 450° F (93°C – 232°C)
Airflow  Horizontal cross flow
Operating Voltage  480V / 3-phase / 60-hertz
Control PLC with operator touch screen controls all functions of the oven
Fans One (1) circulation fan, Oven utilizes one (1) cooling coil
Misc Pressure gauge for monitoring chamber pressure
  Oven utilizes flow meter to control the flow rate of inert gas entering the chamber


The DTI-512 inert atmosphere batch oven is used in the plastics industry. Approximately 8,000 pounds of product (plastic rods) are loaded into the inert atmosphere oven via a custom product cart. The purge cycle is automatic, and nitrogen is supplied to the chamber on high flow until the oxygen analyzer reaches 5%. The nitrogen is then provided on low flow until the oxygen analyzer reaches 2%, allowing the heating cycle to begin.

The oven ramps up to 450°F (232°C) in eight (8) hours. The product then soaks at 450°F (232°C for sixteen (16) hours. At the completion of the heating cycle, the product is cooled downed to 150°F (66°C) in twelve (12) hours. Cooling is provided by a cooling coil. This inert atmosphere oven operates under a positive pressure.

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