DTI-298 Forming Batch Oven


Exterior Dimensions  6′-0″ L x 15′-0″ W x 8′-0″ H (1829mm x 4572mm x 2438mm)
Interior Dimensions 4′-0″ L x 12′-0″ W x 5′-0″ H (1219mm x 3658mm x 1524mm)
Heat Source Two (2) electric heaters controlled by SCR
Max Operating Temperature  850°F (454°F)
Design Operating Temperature  500°F – 650°F (260°C – 343°C)
Insulation Thickness  8″ (203mm)
Operating Voltage  480-volt / 3-phase / 60-hertz
Airflow Horizontal cross flow
Circulation Fans Two (2) circulation fans
Control PLC with Operator Touch Screen for all functions


This batch oven is used to dry a mold release coating onto custom molds used in the sporting goods industry. Control of the temperature in this application is very critical. The oven is constructed with eighteen product shelves arranged in three rows of six in the oven chamber. Each shelf houses one product mold with the total load in the oven per batch at approximately 12,000 pounds. The release agent in the coating requires that after the first mold reaches the set temperature, of that particular segment, every mold in the oven must reach the set temperature within ten minutes and hold for fifteen minutes. The temperature deviation throughout the process must maintain +/-5⁰F. The PLC program allows for four different profiles with ten segments per profile. A typical cycle for the oven is to ramp to 550⁰F (288°C) and soak for fifteen minutes, ramp up to 600⁰F and soak for fifteen minutes, ramp up to 650⁰F (343°C) and soak for fifteen minutes. After the heating cycle is complete there is a rapid cool down cycle where the air inlet damper and exhaust damper open fully to aid in cooling. The temperature within the chamber is monitored by eight thermocouples mounted within the oven chamber. Each of the thermocouples report back to the PLC and all eight must be within the +/-5⁰F deviation before the oven will continue with next segment in the program.

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