DTI-226-300 Indexing Conveyor Oven


External Dimensions 31′-0″ L x 15′-0″ W x 8′-0″ H (9449mm x 4572mm x 2438mm)
Interior Dimensions 37′-4″ L x 11′-0″ W x 1′-0″ H (11379mm x 3353mm x 305mm)
Insulation Thickness 5″ (127mm)
Conveyor Belt Width 11′-0″ (3353mm)
Indexing System Gear Reducer, Electric Motor, Encoder, Brake Clutch Mechanism
Number of Doors 5
Door Type
Number of Heating Zones 4
Heat Source Electric
Maximum Operating Temperature 500°F (260°C)
Operating Voltage 480-volt / 3-phase / 60-hertz
Control PLC controller


This conveyor oven cures drum brake linings clamped in form fixtures for the proper shape. The heated chamber is divided into four independent zones of temperature control. Airflow within the oven is vertical down to the product on the conveyor. The conveyor extends beyond the chamber on each end for loading and unloading. The conveyor operates in an index configuration for travel, and includes vertical doors at each end and between each zone. The vertical doors open and close each time the conveyor indexes, minimizing heat loss.

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