DTI-1264 Contact Heater


Product Being Processed Automotive sound attenuation
Overall Length, Width and Height 11′-7″ L x 13′-9″ W x 9′-9″ H (3530mm x 4190mm x 2970mm)
Heated Platen Length, Width 6′-7″ L x 10′-6″ W (2010mm x 3200mm)
Type of Heating System Electric Heating elements
Designed Operating Temperature 470°F (243°C)
Maximum Operating Temperature 550°F (288°C)
Controls PLC control with operator HMI, UL listed control enclosure



DTI-1264 was designed to quickly and simply heat a large blank of sound attenuation material. The contact heater provides operator ease of access and a large flexibility in material size and shape. By combining pressure and heat the material is able to be brought to the needed temperature very quickly. This process also allows parts to be layered on top of one another to be bonded during the heating process. The parts are then transferred to a press to receive final shape.


The 1264 Contact Heater functions by way of two large aluminum platens. The platens are gun-drilled through their thickness and heater rods are inserted. The large aluminum plates allow for quick and even heat distribution for a very uniform heat transfer to the product. A large pneumatic cylinder operates the upper platen and can apply up to 3 tons of pressure on the product. The upper platen rests on adjustable hard-stops to fine tune the pressing gap for different materials and layers.

Safety is always a primary concern on any Davron equipment and this Contact Heater is no exception. A floor scanner-type sensor builds a safe perimeter around the operator stations and pneumatic safety catches moderate the vertical travel of the platen. Guarding is employed around the perimeter to ensure operator safety at all times.

This particular press is manually loaded and unloaded, but automation from upstream equipment and to downstream equipment could be incorporated.


Davron Technologies, Inc. designs and manufactures ovens of this type to meet many unique process requirements, including but not limited to, the following:

  • Industries Served: Automotive, textile, sporting goods, aerospace
  • Materials Processed: Plastics, fabric, carpet, foam
  • Other Processes: Pressing, bonding, curing, laminating, sizing
  • Heating Systems: Electric, thermal oil or water/steam
Bringing the heat

The manufacturer’s guide to successful automotive textile thermal processing

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The manufacturer’s guide to successful automotive textile thermal processing

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